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Whether you entrust us with a heavy industrial machine or the finest decorative mirror, our units and staff will deliver them exactly as you are expecting them.

The optimal operation of our fleet is a priority for us, that is why we have an ongoing program of renewal of transportation and delivery trucks, and we also invest in refrigerated units, platforms, and low bed trailers, among other devices for handling and transporting specialized loads.

The trucks have hydraulic ramps for easy loading and unloading of goods, and their boxes are equipped with rails and special mounting bands that allow the safe transportation of fragile materials such as paintings, glass or mirrors, which remain upright and stable despite the motion of the vehicle.

A preventive maintenance program ensures our units remain on the road and reduces the possibility of delay in delivery, but the most important thing is that all units and equipment investment is backed by trained and highly experienced operators in the handling of all types of merchandise..

Another of our strengths is a partnership with the suppliers of highly specialized transportation units that make any transfer required by our customers possible.

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