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Transportation of fine decorative furniture and materials with optimum packaging conditions and in the stipulated time.

Outstanding logistics
Import and transportation of furniture and décor for an exclusive development in Los Cabos, BCS, in less than a week.

Goods inspection, classification, packaging, and loading, translation, import, and shipment in less than 72 hours. Completion of logistics in six days.

• Recovery of merchandise from a previous importer.
• Time minimized in all stages of the logistics.
• Maximum coordination to match with customs hours.
• Transportation without margin of error to meet the stipulated time.
• Extraordinary delivery to meet this commitment without affectation to other clients.

Other projects
Nowadays we are pleased to participate in other projects of this company, which belongs in our satisfied customers portfolio.

Presentation Services PSAV case study

Transportation of equipment in record time and with minimal error.

Outstanding Logistics
Importation and transportation of equipment valued at $ 800,000.00 for The Young Global Leaders Summit, sponsored by the World Economic Forum in Puerto Vallarta, Jal., on April 14-18, 2012.

Goods inspection, classification, translation, import, loading and unloading of all equipment in less than 72 hours.

• Resolution of paperwork in record time before the close of Mexican customs and import    agencies for the Easter holiday period.
• Implementation of a contingency plan to address human error or technical malfunctions that    could jeopardize the delivery and affect the international forum.

Other projects
Importation and transportation of equipment valued at $ 503,000.00 for the Summit of the Group of Twenty (G-20) held in Los Cabos, BCS, on June 18-19, 2012.


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